Frequently Asked Questions

What is RUSTYVEGAS.COM? is a Rust raffle website which is offering jackpot and coinflip.
How does RUST Jackpot works?
Players deposit skins in a jackpot round. Once the number of required skins is reached or round time ended, a Players deposit skins in a jackpot round, once the number of required skins is reached or round time ended, a winner will be picked based on the number of tickets his deposit represents and will be awarded all the skins in the pot! (For every 0.01 bet value a player will get 1 ticket, so a higher number of tickets means a better % of winning!)
How do I log into my account?
To log in to your account, tap the 'Sign in through STEAM' button in the navigation bar. Next, you will be redirected to Steam login page, enter your login details and tap the 'Login' button. *Note that Steam requires a 7 days waiting period before allowing trade offers from new devices.
How long does it take to receive your winnings?
It takes about 2-5 minutes to receive your winnings to ensure that every client will receive their winnings.
What to do if your winnings were canceled by our bot?
You have to go to your profile by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner and there you will find all the information about your winnings. Your cancelled trade offers can be resent by clicking the "Resend" button. (After 72 hours, the ability to resend your winnings will not be available and they will not be returned.)
How do I deposit into jackpot?
Click the "DEPOSIT" button in the middle of main page. You will then choose the items which you want to deposit. After the trade is sent, go to your steam authenticator to confirm the trade offer. All the deposits and winning offers are send almost immediately.
How to increase the chances of winning?
The higher and bigger your bets in the jackpot, the greater chance to become a winner. A max bet doesn't ensure a win, but it increases a chance of winning vastly.In the Coinflip Game everything depends on your luck and ability to guess the winner side of the round. Play any game you like and try your luck, good luck!